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Wow long time no post

Well I guess it has been a long time since I posted anything. Time has a way of getting away.

1) School- I have 16 actual classes and a week of turning in papers, portfolios and filling out evaluations left and then I have my masters. I applied for graduation and should be graduating on January 13th. However my last class is December 7th. And I have to take the PLT on November 18th but that is a pre-req for certification not graduation and I'm not worried about passing it.

2) House- Well we have the new roof, it looks nice and it doesn't leak, always a good thing! We have 2 trees and 21 yews that were supposed to be removed on Monday but the tree guy didn't show so now that should be done on Friday or Saturday depending on the weather, I won't hold my breathe. Both bathrooms have now been redone with the exception of paint in the downstairs bathroom but I think that will be done on Friday. We also have the new hood above the stove up. So my latest idea is perhaps painting the ktichen cabinets white instead of replacing them and then just getting a similar set for the opposite wall, but I haven't fully decided on this option. We also got a sideboard for behind the couch for $95.50 instead of the $299. they normally ask for it. The basement is slowly being organized thanks to some new shelves as well. However the dehumidifier leaked all over the one part of the basement and into the garage and we are now waiting for that to dry out, I guess we need to get a new one. Otherwise everything but the guest room is done.

3) Family- Not to much new here. We're thinking about going to California next summer to see my grandma and Dave's aunt & uncle but we haven't decided anything. And since we haven't been to ohio in 2 years I guess we should go this year either in the spring or summer. The problem with Ohio is that its my family, nuff said if you know me! My mom is finally back in her house after 2 months in a hotel for a minor house fire that did more smoke damage than anything. There's a nice long story that involves some fraud.

Well that's about it. I've been staying busy with school and the house. I imagine that will always be the case since even after I get my masters I have to student teach and then instead of me going to school to stay busy I'll be teaching in one and staying busy ;-)
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