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Classes start this evening. Well yesterday but I don't have a Tuesday class so for me they start today. So my schedule
Mondays- Educational Psychology with Dr. Soraes--- Pro- she's the epitomy of a crazy prof. But she's cool. Con- She's ALWAYS late!
Tuesdays- no class Dave has work though
Wednesdays- Teaching Strategies in Social Studies with Dr. Pepin-- Pro- She's very informative and always on time Con- She will never let us out a minute early and if you cross to her bad side you repeat the course.
Thursdays- Human Growth & Development Pro-- My friend Louise is in this class. Con-- They changed the course so now I have to learn about little kids instead of just the ones I'll be teaching which means I'm stuck with elementary people who talk to all of us as if we are kindergardeners.
Fridays- No class, Dave doesn't have work
Saturdays- Multicultural Issues Two Saturdays I have class from 9-3:30. Its supposed to be easy and the profs are allegedly cool.
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