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Well its been a while since I updated here. I tried to a little while ago but my computer decided to delete the whole thing and I did not feel like retyping it all. Anyhow Dave & I are settled into our house. There are still some boxes here and there but without bookshelves we can only do so much. There are also still a few projects left but nothing too major on our behalf. That being said we are supposed to get the new roof put on sometime later this month begining of October, I think we are both (and our bank account) hoping its October. Likewise we have a giant Oak tree that needs to be taken down. But for projects requiring our labor we have 22 ugly pine trees to take out, the downstairs bathroom still needs new lights, vanity, & mirror as well as new caulking in the tub. Those are the things we're going to tackle this year at least.
In other news my last trimester of classes begins today but I don't have class until tomorrow. I have human growth and development on Thursdays, Educational Psychology on Mondays, and Teaching Strategies in Social Studies on Wednesday. In addition I have 2 credits by arrangement including a lovely portfolio and a class that is 2 Saturdays. The stinky part of this schedule is that I have class on Thursday when Dave does not typically work. And the books are no cheaper online so I have to spend a great deal of money at the bookstore.
I am now an employee of the city of Shelton. However, and thankfully, they haven't called me to substiute yet. I was offered a position I could not accept because I have to student teach in the spring. But they seem very eager to have me student teach at their middle school and hopefully they will have an opening in the fall for me to be a "real" teacher.
For me that's about it. But in family news my mom's house caught fire and they have been in a hotel for a little over a week now and will be for at least the rest of September. The damage was mostly limited to their dinning room however the way their house is everything needs to be cleaned and such. Though I should point out that it needed to be cleaned to begin with!

That's about it for me. I'm really hit or miss depending on if I get called in to teach or not. But otherwise Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays I'm typically around even if I'm not at the computer.
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