Tara (toniangel83) wrote,


Well I haven't written much lately. The closing for the house is in a week! We're very excited and anxious. I cannot wait to get out of this apartment and be done with the horrible people that run this complex! Outside of that not too much going on.
I'm annoyed with UNH they decided that the education department should start a week before the rest of the university! And then to add to it they pushed our classes from 5 to 5:30 so now we are in class even later. The rest of the grad. classes start at 5:30 so we're going ot have to an even harder time parking.
Thats really about it. I'm enjoying the last week of semi-calm because once we close I'm going to be very busy and then by the time things settle at the house classes begin! I can't wait for this trimester to be over! 2/3 the way done! YAY!
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